Genuine Parts and Accessories


Citroën provide a full range of functional, miscellaneous accessories to meet your every requirement.
All our accessories share a single objective: to further increase the versatility of our models while respecting their style.

The range of Citroën accessories is designed and tailored to each of our vehicles, for optimal quality in use.

Citroën Genuine Parts

Citroën is committed to maintaining your original confidence
We have designed and built your Citroën
we are well positioned to help you
to keep all the original qualities.
Results of Citroën expertise, the Genuine Parts are
designed to meet the technical specifications of your Citroën. They are part of a complex technical package to allow you to ride with confidence.

Citroen Accessories

Quality, safety and customisation: Citrën provide a wide range of accessories for a more enjoyable use of your vehicle

Comfort & Style: From alloy wheels to chrome kits we have a range of accessories available that adds your personal touch

Safety: From anti-theft alarms to parking sensors we have the accessories available that allow you to take care of your passengers and your Citroën

Touring & Transportation: From towbars to roof bars we have functional accessories at your disposal to enable you to move your life from place to place

Protection: From mudflaps to floor mats we have the accessories at hand that give you the practical solutions needed for your travels

Technology: From MP3 adaptors to TomTom’s we have the modern accessories that will make your journey both enjoyable and relaxing