April 22, 2013

DS Wild Rubis Concept Car Debuts in Shanghai

DS Wild Rubis Concept Car Debuts in Shanghai

Visitors to the Shanghai Motor Show in China this week will be treated to a close-up view of our latest concept car, DS Wild Rubis, which previews a potential addition to our growing DS range – a DS SUV.

Is it really possible to be wild and rebellious and yet refined and sophisticated at the same time? We think the answer is an emphatic yes. DS Wild Rubis demonstrates that blending contrasting qualities can create a truly compelling vehicle.

Our new concept’s muscular, sculpted bodywork has been painted a deep ruby red, providing a sumptuous setting for an array of tasteful chromed details. Metal roof bars, for example, sweep down in two bright curves from the roof line to the shoulder, adding a graceful note at the rear of the car. Bold chrome details at the front and rear similarly draw the eye, helping to underscore the quality and luxury inherent in the DS brand.

Some elements of the new car, such as its wide, three-dimensional lozenge-shaped grille and long, lean stance, are reminiscent of our previous Numéro 9 concept, while DS Wild Rubis is also clearly related to our current road-going range of DS3, DS4 and DS5.

Under the skin, DS Wild Rubis is powered by a next-generation version of the Hybrid4 system that buyers can currently choose for their DS5.

The full-hybrid, plug-in powertrain in our concept SUV combines a 225bhp petrol engine at the front with a 70bhp electric motor at the rear, yielding an enviable overall CO2 score of 43g/km. The 1.6-litre THP engine we’ve chosen is an award-winning, state-of-the art unit that was recently voted the international engine of the year. It combines seamlessly with the electric motor, powered by lithium-ion batteries that can be recharged from the mains.

With a full charge DS Wild Rubis can run in fully electric, zero-emissions mode for up to 31 miles, or it can unleash a combined total of 295bhp for those moments when brisk acceleration is called for. Like the DS5 hybrid, it will also automatically switch to 4×4 mode when conditions become slippery.

We’re equally proud of the new technology evident in DS Wild Rubis’ headlamps. We’ve created ground-breaking full-LED headlights that employ moving lamp modules, providing light when and where it’s needed, surrounded by scrolling indicator lights. Changes in lighting are accompanied by whispering notes of crystalline sound.

Overall, DS Wild Rubis concept embodies the imagination and emotion that lie at the heart of the Citroën brand. We hope you like it.