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01_DesignSensual curves and strong lines

Metropolis is a vehicle of imposing stature with the sedan styling that is essential in China. It is a vision of creative and sophisticated luxury with a spectacular, muscular profile. The bodywork features flowing subtle lines whose intensity changes with the light, revealing generous curves and fine detailing.
Metropolis is a blend of smooth surfaces, taut lines, sensual curves and strongly marked features such as a front wing that lends character air to the powerful, slender body lines.
The front end expresses latent power with the fine detailing of the grille and headlamps. The rear end is wide and stable but with compact lines. The boomerang lights add an original, finishing touch to the rear view of Metropolis.


02_HabitacleCreative luxury and a wealth of expression

The interior of Metropolis is inspired by the design of fans and of traditional Chinese string instruments, these being signs of culture and sophistication in China.
Made up of superimposed strata, the design creates a welcoming effect, a luxurious setting in which the emphasis is on creative expression.



03_TechnologiesLeading-edge technologies

Metropolis features a plug-in hybrid drivetrain that changes the operating mode to suit the situation. Full-electric mode is used on start-up, in the city, at low speeds and during deceleration. It relies on an electric motor that ran raise its output from 55 bhp (40 kW) in continuous operation to a peak of 95 bhp (70 kW).
Combustion mode is used at cruise speed on the road or motorway when the V6 2.0l (272 bhp) petrol engine is operating at maximum efficiency.
The two forms of operation can also be combined during acceleration to provide extra power (Overboost function), delivering up to 460 bhp in four-wheel drive mode when more grip is required.
To take full advantage of its dynamic capabilities, Metropolis is fitted with Hydractive suspension. This feature delivers excellent driving comfort while keeping the vehicle at a constant height for improved aerodynamics and thus lower CO2 emissions.


04_EnvironnementResponsibility and driving pleasure

Metropolis combines driveability with respect for the environment. CO2 emissions are slashed to just 70g/km (for fuel consumption of 2.6l/100 km), five times less than a conventional drivetrain of similar performance (V8 engine with a capacity of 4.0l).
This excellent environmental performance can be attributed to:
– an optimised petrol engine,
– a 7-speed dual-clutch electronic gearbox,
– a hybrid drivetrain,
– Hydractive suspension, which improves aerodynamics.