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La Maison Citroën

Citroën is creating an urban dealer concept, “La Maison Citroën”, for an initial test in Paris, on 39 rue Saint-Didier in the 16th district. An architectural expression of the concept presented on Citroën’s stands at the latest motor shows, La Maison Citroënperfectly embodies the Brand’s “Be Different, Feel Good” promise.


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More innovative than anyone else in his time, André Citroën knew how to break the mould in the automotive industry. La Maison Citroën, which is opening at 39 rue Saint-Didier in Paris, is the result of his legacy.

From the window, a giant screen creates curiosity and attracts attention, inviting passers-by to enter. The doorway is full of warm décor, inside is made up of natural wood and colourful walls.

Cars feature in the centre of the showroom, but the décor is not that of a traditional dealership with many screens and dedicated accessories, to make the experience unique.


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La Maison Citroën, in the heart of Paris expresses the brands “Be Different, Feel Good” promise.
Each visitor will enjoy a unique experience through a range of different technologies and accessories to discover the brand in more detail.

This innovative approach has already earned the “Janus du Commerce 2016” label. Through the label, the IFD French design institute is acknowledging the importance of encouraging projects that focus on design to improve the environment and comfort for consumers.

Citroën Wall Table Tactile

The Citroën Wall features a touchscreen table allowing you to configure the entire Citroën range using 3D images, the configuration can be started online and then recovered for the visitor.

Maison Citroën Café André


You can take a refreshing break at the Café André and relax in the neighbouring waiting area, enjoying its lounge-like layout.

Citroën Origins


Citroën Origins, the virtual Citroën museum is also accessible via a dedicated touch screen. Discover a 360° view of the interior and exterior of more than 50 iconic models that have made Citroën history.

Maison Citroën C1 Black


The layout of La Maison Citroën facilitates your every need and the sales area is without exception. This section of the store is where you can go to discuss your Citroën vehicle purchase.

If you have started a configuration before a visit to La Maison Citroën or the configuration created earlier in your visit, it can be easily retrieved here.

Le Petit Citroën

With the Le Petit Citroën shop, customers can take home a piece of the Citroën legend from a broad choice of miniature models and lifestyle products from the online shop.

Citroën Advisor

Before leaving, visitors are invited to rate their experience at Citroën via the Citroën Advisor site.

And to complete the visit, the 150-m² space is supplemented by a test drive fleet in the basement and an after-sales workshop, also accessible at the same address..